Sudden rush of wind against my skin;
Heartbeat quickens as geese cry


Hello traveler, welcome to my website – proof that anyone can make one. The cool thing about having your own spiffy, unprofessional website is that you can express who you really are. In real life, I’m just a nobody. Online, I’m still a nobody, but I can call myself the Queen of Loserville.

I am Di (as in diva), a devastatingly divine, deliciously pretentious daydreamer. I try to find beauty everywhere I go, and rarely fail. In fact, my beauty-finding skills have gotten so good that I’m considering trying out for the U.S.A. Olympic Mental Gymnastics team.

I’m currently employed as a Manic Pixie Dream Girl. Outside of work, I occasionally form coherent thoughts. I love eating poetry, writing chocolate, and sometimes I find myself possessed by zines.

Take this map – you may get lost in my brown eyes. Stay as long as you’d like. And be good, or else one of us is going to end up getting spanked.

yin yang