Buddhist Links


This website may have an old-fashioned layout, but it contains an impressive amount of both useful and fun content to explore. Highlights include an interactive Buddha Zine, a library of digital texts, educational materials, and more ebooks and downloads

Buddhistdoor Global

A free online non-sectarian Buddhist journal.


Archive on the life of Shunryu Suzuki created by his biographer, David Chadwick (Crooked Cucumber). See also the sister-site shunryusuzuki.com, featuring archives of Suzuki’s lectures. Chadwick’s personal “non-Zense” site can be found at cuke-annex.com.

Daily Zen

Daily Zen quote & monthly articles.


If you can get past the poorly-designed front page, there are really cool things here, such as comprehensive guidebooks on Zen Buddhism, Dōgen’s Genjo Koan, and the Heart Sutra, as well as free ebooks.

The Engaged Zen Foundation Defunct

An American nonprofit founded by Kobutsu Malone that aims to teach zazen practice to incarcerated people, with an overall anti-incarceration stance. See their publication The Gateway Journal.

Himalayan Art Resources

A gallery of Himalayan art, much of it Buddhist, and also some Bon and Hindu art. Aside from the wonderful art, there are comprehensive glossaries of Tibetan Buddhist terms, manifestations of Buddha and Avalokiteshvara, and Buddhist-Hindu equivalents.

Internet Sacred Text Archive: Buddhism

Texts ranging from the Jataka tales, to The Gateless Gate, to Arthur Waley’s translation of Japanese Nō plays, to A Buddhist Bible.

Lion’s Roar

An non-sectarian, independent, bimonthly Buddhist magazine.

Plum Village

The official website of the Plum Village monastery founded by Thich Nhat Hanh. Read his life story and his translation of the Heart Sutra.

Poetry Chaikhana: Buddhist Poetry

Poems of Tibetan and Zen traditions.

SkyDancer Defunct

A site by Catherine Holmes Clark featuring feminist interpretations of Buddhist philosophy.

Western Buddhist Review

A free journal that publishes scholarly articles on contemporary Buddhism published by the Triratna Buddhist Community.

Women Active in Buddhism Defunct

Representing female Buddhist teachers, nuns, and scholars, and female Buddhas, bodhisattvas, and Buddhist figures.

Zen Buddhism WWW Virtual Library Defunct

A directory of Zen sites from the early days of the World Wide Web. Many of the links are dead. This site is interesting if you’re in the mood for some web archeology

The Zen Site

This site’s layout is a bit difficult to navigate, but click around. It is full of free essays and books, and there are new articles being posted to this day.

The Zen Sunsite Defunct

Old website from the 90s. It may help to navigate using Internet Archive. Known for hosting a translation of The Gateless Gate, an essential set of koans. You may also find the glossary and reading list useful.

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