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Here are buttons linking to various neat, hobbyist websites on the small web.

bikobatanari blue foot Cinni's Dream Home Cristian's Erasmus Cyber Grunge
The Darkroom Daximus An Empty Bliss Beyond This World Fairy Trash Freak Phone The Frugal Gamer
gutz Hekate Hodgepodge Zines Internet Bee Joe Buck Karithina's Nostalgia Hole
Lavender & Black Lazybones Libre Town lulu's home in cyberspace m15o Melon King
Metaparadox Museum of Alexandra Nightdrifter's Lounge Plastic Dino Pleurodelinae Rubedo serimemo Silent Suburbia six eyes soft heart clinic Teddybear Halo
Tiger Carnival turd Viatrix Wasteland Imperiatrix yupthatsme
Diabella Loves Cats
beans and penny
the salt pit

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Coding Help

back to top Beginner-friendly tutorials for those who want to set up their own space on the small web.
Templaterr Themes intended to help you learn and customize the HTML & CSS, + Javascript nav bars for your site.
Thank you TEMPLATERR!!
Visual Studio Code I code my site with this software.
w3Schools Tutorials on HTML, CSS, Javascript, and more


Dollz are basically virtual paper dolls that have been an internet phenomenon since the 90s.

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Aviva A nice dollz fansite. It has a great set of bases you can use. The dollmaker rocks. Also home to the Mega Blinkie and Button Maker. This Brazilian site is keeping dollz alive! A lot of modern fashion and variety. So many bases too! You have to check them out!
A very pretty dollz fansite by Hekate.
Dollz Mania A dollz hub linking to 230+ working dollmakers!
Dollz Revival A fresh new style of doll for the 2020s.
Gurlpowerrr Easy Doll A working archive of an amazing site full of dollmakers and other goodies!
of the
A 2-page e-zine article from that covers some dollz history.
“On ‘The Palace,’
you can be
anyone you
want to be”
An overview of dollz on The Palace Chat from The Outline
Originz of Dollz The origins of dollz, from their beginnings on Palace Chat in 1995 to 2003. Melicia Greenwood, the author, claims to be the original artist behind the prep, tiny, and wonderkins dollz! So awesome!
Silent Devotion Silent Devotion has lot of different types of dollz as well as other goodies for your website.
Style Dollz Home to a lot of dollmakers, apparently made to work in IE. Appears to have last been updated in 2014.


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Any Decent Music A place to discover recent, critically-acclaimed albums.
Billie Holiday Discography A wonderful site that indexes of Billie Holiday records + many rare and beautiful photos of Lady Day.
J-Club Two jazz streams, one for 30s-40s jazz, and one for Japanese jazz.
Radio Browser A directory of music streams on the web
Radio Garden Listen to radio stations from all across the world.
88.9 The River 60s-90s softrock/pop station
Second Hand Songs Find different versions of the same song.
WPRB Princeton The best radio station in New Jersey! A lot of fun indie, experimental, ambient, and jazz music. You can stream it from anywhere. Shows vary a lot. If you don't like it one day, try it the next. Reggae on Saturdays.
WRTI Classical & Jazz Classical and jazz music streams.
Yesterweb Radio The Yesterweb has its own community-run radio!

Power-based Violence Resources

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Power-based violence is an umbrella term for various types of abuse, including sexual abuse and assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking.

How Communities Can Support Survivors of Stalking A comprehensive guide by Survivor Guides that discusses different forms of stalking (including through new mediums such as social media), survivors' lives, and how they can be supported.
Speak Up & Stay Safe(r) A variety of steps to protect yourself from online harrassment, because unfortunately, bad actors can make the internet a horrible place.
Supporting a Survivor of Sexual Assault A fantastic, compassionate guide to understanding survivors' lives. Intersectional. Mindful of the nuanced issues that survivors and their supporters face.
Print double-sided, flip on short side.
Even if you can't print it, each page is worth the read.
Unconsenting Media Know if a movie, TV show, or book contains sexual violence before going in.


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12ft ladder Add “” to a link to bypass paywalls.
300 Love Letters See for yourself.
Atlas Obscura Wonders around the world.
Internet Archive One of the best things the web has to offer. Public domain materials, and home to the Way Back Machine.
Lantern Read old magazines dating back to 1849.
Library Genesis A fantastic site!
“Logging Off”
by Celine Nguyen
A choose-your-own-adventure story that touches on how we relate to internet content, internet relationships, foraging, and indigenous issues.
Luminarium Early modern English literature
Movies Silently Reviews of silent movies.
Poet's Corner Such a nice site. No stupid ads or pop-ups, just pure love for poetry.
Sovereign Womb Zine Library A collection of zines on varying topics, mostly all political.
Stardate Your guide to the universe.
Why You Should Make Zines The post that inspired me to make my first zine!

Web Graphics & Fonts

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Asterism A collection of pretty fonts. I'm using their "Spirit" font.
Blinkie Obsession For the blinkie obsessed.
By the Butterfly More pretty fonts.
EZGif Split, put together, and compress gifs, and other image files.
The Fat Strawberry Open-licensed tiled backgrounds and patterns.
GIF Cities A search engine for GIFs on old Geocities websites.
Glittereyez The best source for glitter graphics and all that jazz.
Graphics by Kelly Vintage web graphics and websets.
Magic Lantern Graphics Cheesy graphics.
Paint.NET Free and awesome photo editing software. I use it for everything. Including this button which I made really quickly.
Siding Violet Cute graphics, Portuguese blinkies, and blinkie templates.
Free Guestbook: If you want an old-fashioned guestbook on your site. Highly customizable and free.
Texture Town A huge archive of textures and tiled backgrounds!
VTF Beautiful and open-source fonts
Websets by Lynn Free, pretty templates and graphics.


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All About Birds An awesome guide to birds. I think they're mostly just North American though A directory of DIY communities across the world
Perpetual Calendar
by Olia Lialia
A neverending calendar of ugly old web graphics. I have it as my homepage. Occasionally NSFW
Melon Land Forum A fun hang-out on the internet full of creative and nice people
uBlock Origin An extension that blocks ads and trackers.
Useful Firefox add-ons Maintain a clean internet browsing experience.

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