A goose is more than a Wawa bird.

I know you are one of the ones who know this.

Watch him soar alone
over the desolate parking lot
lost, looking for a V to join,

just like us,
lost & looking in the over-lit sky
for a star to name Purpose.

I think I may have found mine.

It told me to tell you
you deserve happiness,

& to follow Purpose, wherever it is,

to think of poems to write
instead of rushing to please the impatient patrons of the deli
(& to pepper in an ampersand, for me),

to stage a revolution
by gutting yarn with your crochet-hook
(maybe today’s solution to the world’s problems is a hand-made beanie)

to speak soft as dew on the grass.
(The world is drenched of tenderness;
it needs you.)

When life gives you lemons, make zest.

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Zestful spirit I gaze at stars
She deserves happiness Believe in yourself
Get into scrapbooking, preserve your memories Love is a macaroni necklace
Happy birthday Happy Halloween