2 wheat pennies

Today I went to a store in the mall after seeing glitzy, rhine-stoned clothes on the mannequins in the display window. It was called Empress Lux. A man, who was sitting on the bench outside of it, followed me in, and startled me when he said, in a deep African accent, “Hello, how are you.” I figured he was the shopkeeper, and that he was sitting on the bench outside the shop because it was burning up in the store.

I wondered why it was so hot while I sifted through the bizarre clothing. The shopkeeper stared at me while I browsed through lace boxer briefs, flimsy pink corset with plastic ribs and wings, matching shorts and shirts in incredibly gaudy patterns. Everything looked as cheap and impractical as a Halloween costume. Many fast fashion stores are like this, but I didn’t find one piece of merchandise stylish or attractive enough to risk wearing even to a single sweaty night at a frat party.

The music was blaring. It got on my nerves, and I decided to leave. As soon as I took a step closer to the door – I shit you not – the speakers blasted:

Oh I’m a gummy bear
Yes I’m a gummy bear
Oh I’m a yummy tummy funny lucky gummy bear

It took everything in me to stop from bursting into laughter.

Overall, I had a lucky day – a lady at the antique store gave me two wheat pennies as change.

I went to the candy store in the mall, and bought some peanut butter filled chocolates. They were expensive, but as soon as I bit into one and tasted the creamy, delicious peanut butter, I knew it was worth it. I was sitting in my car and had the radio on; “She Drives Me Crazy” was playing. No better song to dance to while enjoying their creamy, delicious flavor.

Last night was difficult, so I’m grateful for today.