La fille aux cheveux de lin

I was able to tell her that the same day that I told her how beautiful her smile is, many months ago now, was the day after I found out my first love had cancer. It felt good to let this off my chest, and I hope it makes the compliment much more meaningful. She gives my heart hope.

I hope she realizes that the warm sound of her hum is a balm for the soul. I hope she realizes that the glint of gold in her green eyes is a color so rare and gorgeous that painters have tried and failed to capture it for centuries, and will try and fail again, for nothing compares to her. I hope she realizes that when I compliment her beauty, it is not to say that that is even an important thing about (sidenote: The first time Mr. Spock told me that I’m beautiful, he kept reminding me, “But you’re more than that.” ) it is my way of clumsily saying, that she has reminded me of how grateful I am that I can sense.