True romance

A sorry-looking man and a smiling woman sit side-by-side. She looks deeply into his face.

“What are you so serious about?” she says teasingly, caressing his stubble with her hand.

He looks into her eyes. “I’ve met the love of my life.”

The words surprise her. She is silent for some time, before asking, “How do you know?”

“I can feel it.”

He leans in for an impassioned, movie-like kiss, pressing close into her body, his one hand gliding across her back in a frenzy, reaching towards her rear end; the other begins inching towards her breast.

She smirks. “Oh, you feel it, huh? Where?”

A vintage photograph of a woman and a man laying together in an embrace. The woman is smiling and a bit withdrawn from the man, who is looking down into her visage with a stony face.