Notes on “I 💔 Social Media”

Links & acknowledgements

page 1:

Manga art from School Rumble by Jin Kobayashi, a childhood favorite ♡

page 2:

A video of Jonathan Frakes telling you random things in an authoritative manner (YouTube).

page 4:

Instagram creators:

Thank you for putting your art out there and making something beautiful out of such an ugly space. You are the only thing I miss about Instagram, and for a long time I stayed just because of you.

page 5:

Text mostly found in a vintage teen mag from the 70s, as well as some online sources, such as this e-magazine about some TikTok influencer.

My intent is not to “blame” or “shame” the models pictured in my collage in any way. (I’m sure some dumpster of a subreddit is already doing that.) They’re just people profiting off of a system that already encourages “perfection,” hypersexualisation, and provocation by way of prioritizing s from strangers.

page 9: