Captain's Log

07/13/23: Home page now in living color.
Introducing the travel log, my way of tracking where I've lost my mind.

02/09/23: Update link directory & about page

01/20/23: A sudden spark of divine inspiration led me to revamp the front page

01/17/23: Updated my zine page

12/24/22: Merry Christmas – I have two new links pages, one on Buddhist links and one on neat stuff to read. As cool as it is to compile and share a reference for myself & for others on the net, I feel a bit like Sisyphus, it's a neverending task. I need to work on redesigning the original links page, but I also want to focus on my own original content... See what I mean!

12/22/22: Made a webgarden!

09/26/22: Made a Sitemap, added some book reviews.

09/17/22: Revamped zine page and uploaded two new ones.

08/17/22: Joined Viatrix's Cuddler webring

08/05/22: A redesign, a journal using m150's blog code. I hope to post there when I feel inspired to.
It's been a while. There's more I want to do, but I feel if I don't update now, I'll never update at all.
Ate some spicy chicken today.

03/17/22: Just small nitpicks here and there. Found a CSS trick that makes images stay nice and pixelly. Made a zinester blinkie

03/05/22: Published delovely's "raison-d'être." Tried to make the homepage more mobile-friendly.

02/25/22: New stickers & blinkies for my scrapbook
Also made a blinkie and mini badge to link to my site.

Updated my zine reader to use EZMReader. Clunky as it was, I'm sort of proud of the old code I made, because it was something I made entirely myself that actually worked.. but this is a giant improvement! Thanks so much Jeremy Oduber for the code, and also to Aelphaba for using it on their site. (I really enjoyed reading their lovely zines!)

02/24/22: Happy to join Olivia's Zinester web webring!

02/20/22: School's been hectic, life's been weird!

Neatened up the homepage. Added Cinni's Basiic font as a back-up for devices that don't have MS Gothic. Joined Status Cafe.

Things are complicated. My feelings about it see-saw. Today, I'm feeling pretty down and hopeless. So working on my website was a nice way to be calm and chill with my thoughts. I hope things slow down this week. Actually, tomorrow I get to attend a workshop from a famous poet at my university. I'm excited for that. Though it's online and I hate Zoom calls...

I'm waxing personal, but whatever. I read some nice poems today by Paul Laurence Dunbar. "Come and Kiss Me" and "Why Fades a Dream"

01/31/22: Added a little radio to the links page, so you can listen to WPRB Princeton as you browse. Shows can be wildly different from one another so... don't assume I'm a fan of everything that's playing! LOL. Radio from Muses.

01/26/22: Made my zines page and shared my latest one!
Reorganized the links a little and added some more stuff to it. It's ever-evolving.
Added quotes to my scrapbook. It was really quite a scary coincidence; the day I started making it was the same day Thich Nhat Hanh passed, and I didn't realize until later. I'm so grateful for all he gave to this world, and to me

01/19/22: I made two things to help me not think about the horrible things currently going on in my life. :') First, my new button!

I also made a bi blinkie. I couldn't find one perfect for me online, so... ^_^

Credit to nonty for Heart Font.

As for the horrible things, long story short, I was stalked on my campus on the last day of classes last semester, and going back to school has been really hard. I think I'm physically safe for now, but I can't convince myself I'm safe, mentally.

01/14/22: Hey. Did you recognize me? Today I published a major redesign, built mostly from scratch (aside from the scrapbook, which I really just wanted to throw together ASAP.) I stripped the aesthetics down to be very basic, compared to my old design.

I'm working on a zine right now, by hand, and I was mostly inspired by that. I wanted my site's style to feel sort of like my zines!

I was also inspired by the Openbooks manifesto to think of my website in a different light: We are not reliving the old web, we are creating a new one, and taking back the web from corporations trying to sell us social networks.

I was also biting off way more than I could chew! Especially with the semester coming up, how could I expect myself to update that frequently? TT__TT

This time I took a step back and actually taught myself the basics of CSS... Templaterr helped me a lot.

The link directory is pretty ginormous now, and I've moved the glitzier aspect of my site into my scrapbook. I hope this is a lot more sustainable. ^_^

There are a lot of things I want to add and fix as of now, but if I keep going, I may never have my site updated by the time school starts...

01/02/2122: Added my music page and first ever song of the week! Happy New Year!

12/27/21: Joined the Yesterweb webring. Yay! ^_^
- Made my own blinkie, feel free to take. :)
You can never have enough blinkies!
- Added a row of fanlistings to the bottom of my blinkie rack. I'm worried it's too many images. I may work on a dedicated fanlistings page or remove them all together. Tbh I still don't fully understand them.
- Added a secret page to my about me...
- Added two buttons.

12/25/21: Added links and acknowledgements pages. + this page. + a cute little birdie cursor from Totally Free Cursors. Swapped out some blinkies and added new ones. (I'm worried I might have an obsession. Browsing Blinkie Obsession did not help.)
Oh and by the way... MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! <3

12/23/21: So much! Garden, about page, blinkies. (Too obnoxious? Oh well... I really love them!) Pimped out my guestbook.

12/21/21: Trying out a template by Websets by Lynn. Added a page to index my logs. A fun 404 page because I absolutely adore Diabella Loves Cats and must pay hommage to her somewhere on my site.

12/19/21: Hello world!